Market Research Survey Software

Online Research Made Easy
QuestionPro's online survey software is designed to meet the needs of the most complex online market research projects. Functionality like, branching, randomization, and piping are all simple point and click programming tasks. For the complex research project that requires the next level of programming, the system is backed by a proprietary custom scripting module that allows for unlimited possibilities in survey programming.

The analysis capabilities allow for one click access to real-time reports, comparison reports, trend reports, and online dashboards. Exporting the data to SPSS (.sav format), MS Excel and comma delimited (.csv) formats is available on-demand or can be scheduled at regular intervals.

The QuestionPro Survey Builder offers advanced features for delivering high caliber market research surveys. Everything, including branching, looping, piping, randomization, and extraction is easily programmed using the wizard based interface. If we don't support exactly what you are trying to accomplish, then we have experts who can custom program the survey for you.
Pro-Active data analysis can help your organization be "in touch" with your customers and business partners. Trend Analysis provides you with an easy mechanism to monitor the aggregate response data filtering out the noise, for you to make informed decisions.
The Trend Analysis module allows you to plot aggregated response data over time. This is especially valuable, if you are conducting a long running survey and would like to measure differences in perception and responses over time.
The system offers every question type possible. In addition to standard choice, scaling, and text input questions, the above advanced question types are supported.
The QuestionPro Enhanced Analysis Toolkit includes our entire feature set for analyzing and viewing results. Grouping, crosstab, response editing, and drill down capabilities offer the maximum flexibility for analyzing data. Data can also be exported to SPSS, MS Excel, or .csv files.
A quality panel of survey respondents is crucial to the success of any online research project. QuestionPro has partnered with the leading online panel providers to provide access to the highest quality survey respondents.
Online Survey Methodology
Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis is used to identify a subset of items that, when taken together, maximizes the net level of consumer interest in a superset of choices. Example: you've just tested consumer interest in 10 proposed new ice cream flavors but marketing constraints only allow you to introduce three flavors. TURF can identify the three flavors that, taken together, generate the highest net level of interest for the total line.